For a decade and a few years added on that, this radio LIVE weekly broadcast has given opportunity
to thousands of independent urban music prospects during their existence on the air waves in Los
Angeles. The objective of Da Radio Show is to SUPPORT independent urban music, create
more retail sales within the independent urban music market and most of all, to educate all music
prospects that wants to be educated about the music industry. During this one-hour LIVE broadcast,
Da Radio Show will introduce new music by new and upcoming artists and labels, advertise product
and services, have a fun-fill segment in “Love And Lust” plus introduce two of the hottest mix deejays
in the west region, DJ Spinn (Los Angeles) and DJ Charliee (Phoenix) during our weekly
“Indie Mix” and mention some of the hottest topics in the news during our “Chaser Question” segment.
Also, join us for our weekly “Play It Or Slay It” segment, when we put new music to our listeners
and deejays test. Meet and greet new artists as we invite them to talk to their fans and our
listeners via the frequency airwaves in Los Angeles and via online present through social media
platforms and simulcast assistance to gain notoriety within the music industry via our most popular
segment called “Move Da Crowd.”
Most of American consumers will routinely purchase sound recordings via download method. Rarely
the consumers would buy CD via a standard retail stores in a local neighborhood. Over recent
years, major labels control sales of music and independent music were excluded from the markets
throughout the states. However, the reasons why independent music were excluded because the
American consumers wouldn’t know where to buy independent music. Now that Da Radio Show has
hit the airwaves and now made their presence online, the consumers can now learn what independent
artist has exciting and danceable music available for the public. Da Radio Show has open doors
for music listeners to enjoy and experience independent urban music on a weekly basis. Da Radio
Show is hosted by Dundee, Mary Alex, Aniya and of course, OG himself, MD. Make no mistake,
when you tune in to Da Radio Show, you’re just not tuning into an average radio program, but you’re
tuning into a real radio show every Monday night on 1580AM at 10pm/pacific time and 1am/eastern
time via online through Facebook LIVE, YouTube, Periscope, Tune In, the DRS app and now on
iHeart Radio. Da Radio Show has been recently certificate that 2.5 millions to 4 millions listeners
experience the program weekly. Spread the word and SUPPORT Da Radio Show who SUPPORT
independent urban music and it’s artists and labels.